Why use the IDeaL Dog Listening Method?

Why a 1-2-1 IDeaL Dog Listening Consultation is the right choice

This is a question I am often asked “After all” say people “There are so many other training methods, what makes ‘IDeaL better?” and of course they are right, there are more methods than you can shake a stick at. There are whistles, clickers, electric collars, collars that spray various substances at the dog, collars that emit noise, chains with spikes that stick in the dogs neck, sticks to ‘touch’ the dog with and many more gadgets and gizmos. Alongside all these pieces of equipment are the different ways of training, there is the traditional ‘make him do it’, there is the ‘endless repetition until the dog is bored senseless’ system and then there is the good old ‘walking around in a circle in a church hall with fifteen other dogs’ method. This teaches a dog to walk in a circle with other dogs, usually on leaving the hall most dogs revert to their previous behaviour. Do these systems work? Yes, to a greater or lesser degree on some, but not all dogs. Some systems I consider barbaric, they don’t train the dog they traumatise him. One thing is constant in the above list, they are all unnatural.

Dogs are descended from Wolves and are pack animals. Robin’s research and experience working with police dogs shows to achieve a really close bond with your dogs you would have to be the pack leader or Alpha. For this to work you have to be elected leader by the dogs themselves, people who shout and bluster and say ‘he knows who the Boss is’ are only fooling themselves, and as Robin would say, “they’re sure as hell not fooling the dog”.

Dogs can always communicate with one another there’s no English or French or German language for them. Whatever the breed and wherever they’re from all dogs speak Canine. Wolf packs are well organised with a hierarchy that all members understand where every pack member has an important job to do for the survival of the pack, they don’t need training aids and gadgets to organise their lives so why do we?

So, to understand the dynamics of the Wolf pack and how it could be used with domestic dogs.

IDeaL Dog Listening is not a ‘training method’ in the normal sense of the words but a holistic, natural, stress free way of communicating with your dog. If used consistently your dog will elect you as leader of his own free will making any subsequent training a pleasure. The use of this method is particularly effective in dealing with behavioural problems such as, Aggression, Nervousness, Obsessive or Destructive Behaviour, Failing to Return When Called, Taking Charge on a Walk, Jumping Up and Persistent Barking. Because you will be talking the dogs language, he will modify his behaviour of his own free will.

I use this system BECAUSE IT WORKS I have seen many other methods and have approached them all with an open mind but nothing comes close to IDeaL Dog Listening for consistent success. It is not a magic wand; you will have to do your part but the investment in time and effort you expend will be well worth it to create the ultimate bond.

Let’s work together.