Value for Money – How the System Works

Your money is hard earned and there are countless things to spend it on. The trick is to know that when you do spend you get value for money.

You know that when a washing machine breaks down or you have a leaking pipe the tradesman you call is going to charge you £50 just to knock on your door. You will then probably be charged by the quarter hour and then of course there are the parts that have to be paid for. You will never know until you get the bad news at the end of the call how much it’s going to cost you. If you have another fault next week you will have to go through the same procedure and cost again because what is the point of a washing machine if you don’t get the benefit of it?

People spend a lot of their hard-earned cash on their dogs, you can pay £2000 or more for some pedigree animals. Pedigree puppy or old rescue dog of indeterminate parentage, people love their dogs. They have them for company, security or maybe so that they get some exercise themselves, taking long country walks. They want the best for their dogs so it’s no expense spared in food, toys and vets fees.

Having spent all this money on your dog what do you do if he has problems that you can’t resolve such as anxiety, aggression, pulling on the lead or not coming back when called? You could go to dog training classes pay an enrolment fee and then an additional fee each time you attend. If your dog is nervous or aggressive on it’s own territory how are the stress levels going to be relieved by putting them in a confined space with other dogs? If he won’t come back when you are alone with your dog why would he when there are other distractions? A good use of your money? And what about your stress levels?

So, if you decide to use IDeaL Dog Listening what do you get for your money and how is it good value?

You will be quoted a one-off price at the time of your enquiry. There is no extra charge whether the consultation is on a weekday, weekend or if you require an evening visit. If due to distance there is a mileage charge to cover fuel and travelling time that will be included in the quote. There will be no other charges even if there is more than one dog. I will attend your home address to see you and your dog(s) on their home territory so that they are not stressed. Ideally any other family members who interact with your dog should also be present. I will take a full case history from you to include areas of concern. I will fully assess the dog and then teach you a clear and stress-free system to get your dog to moderate his behaviour of his own free will. You will be given specific ways of dealing with any identified behavioural problems. During the consultation I will take unposed pictures of your dog with a digital camera. Before leaving I will give you a crib sheet of reminders of the main points of the system. On my return home I will prepare an individual Action Plan specific to you and your dog(s) and the family situation and lifestyle. There will be comprehensive advice on all matters raised as well as general advice on keeping your dog happy in his place in your family (pack). The Action Plan will be further individualised by placing pictures of your dog(s) on it. The completed report will be bound so that it can be kept in good condition and referred to if required and either sent to you by first class post or hand delivered depending on your location.


The consultation will take a minimum of two hours but will last as long as it takes. I’m happy to talk dogs forever, while you have questions, I’m happy to stay. A four-hour consultation is not unusual. Remember however long the consultation you only pay the quoted price. After the consultation should you have any problems or are just a little unsure of something, you can at any time during the 365 days that follow, contact me by phone or email at no extra charge.

This system works because it uses the dogs natural behaviour patterns and means of communication. If you implement the system consistently you will have a calm, well behaved dog that you can take anywhere. A dog that will not pull on the lead and will come back when called. In short, a dog whose company you can enjoy.

In conclusion, consider, one fee, all done. No subscription, no gadgets to buy, no stress for you or your dog. Value for money.