After bringing our pepper home two weeks ago, we wanted to establish our pack dynamics and set her up for the best life possible. Kathryn worked with us all to help us understand her puppy energy and how to manage her teething and training. Pepper’s energy changed immediately and our family has a new found confidence in her! In under one day, Pepper has become calmer and has diverted her teething from furniture and our toes to her toys! Kathryn is calm and confident in the way she supports you and your pack, working to educate you rather than just telling you what to do.

Ellie Presland

Kathryn is so kind and gentle and you can see immediately that dogs react to her calm manner. It is fascinating to see how just a little silent communication can change how your dog sees you. I can’t believe that such simple things could have so much impact on my relationship with Bailey.

Rachel Presland

Calm and professional approach to helping with some of challenges we faced with our dog Pie. Interesting and informative explanation of why he was behaving as he was, and how we could make his and our lives happier together. Noticed quite a difference in a very short time, some behaviours changed during the consultation!

Sarah Routledge
Lottie & Elsie

This morning we had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn’s beautiful puppy, Lottie.  My 5 year old daughter Elsie can be extremely nervous of dogs, particularly if they enter her personal space or jump up at her.  Kathryn politely asked us to talk to her directly first before acknowledging Lottie which we did. When we asked Lottie to come forward I was truly astounded at how calm and respectful she was for a 12 week old puppy!  She didn’t try to jump up at Elsie and happily sat whilst Elsie plucked up the courage to stroke her.  Elsie quickly settled and spent some considerable time fussing over Lottie under Kathryn’s guidance …. in fact she didn’t want to say goodbye!  Thank you so much Kathryn Glover for your time this morning. Lottie is an absolute credit to you and your relationship with her is wonderful.  You and Lottie made a little girl very happy today 😍💕 🐶

Anne-Marie Underwood